Pereš Park

The three-storey polyfunctional building in a commercial area provides the space for the local municipality and medical clinics. Complete infrastructure, connection to the utility grid and most modern ventilated façade.

The design of this shopping centre is a modern, multifunctional solution, which includes the grading of the adjacent area, building of the parking place and planting public greenery in the nearby area. The shopping centre is located in the centre of the village. It brings into it a zone of services, life, culture and it is the right place for meetings.

In its basement, we can find a veterinary clinic, pet shop, florist, newsagent’s and a large restaurant. On the first floor, there is a grocery store, drug store, confectionery and pharmacy with an optician. On the second floor, which is the top floor, there is a café, hairdresser, local municipality and several medical clinics.

During the building of the Pereš Park, the most advanced green technologies were used – thanks to ventilated façades or heat recovery technologies, air conditioning and heating, it is one of the most modern currently built buildings in accordance with all the applicable standards and requirements.

In addition to complete construction of the object a part of our work has also been the overall infrastructure – construction of access roads, parking and connection to water, electricity and gas networks. Construction began in October 2016 and the final approval is scheduled for October 2017.

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