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K&C Group is a young company providing complex services within the construction industry. It was formed in 2010 on a solid foundation of expertise and many years of experience with a new, young and dynamic leadership. Our aim is high quality to meet the requirements of customers using our own personnel and machine capacity.

Current Projects

Polyfunctional building

Pereš Park

A three-storey polyfunctional building with commercial space, space for the municipality and the emergency services. write my essay online Complete infrastructure, the connection to the mains and the most modern ventilated facade.

Corner House

Residential building

Five-storey property with an underground parking, commercial areas, offices, and eight residential units. The project meets the requirements of low-energy buildings (A+).

Friendship House Slovakia-Ukraine

Turn-key project

Completion of structural work as a turn-key project up to the finished surfaces including all media distribution. Large-scale, three-storey property.


With us you don't have to search for the professionals for every type of construction work. Our range of services includes everything you need from the design of the project up to its realization.

Engineering activity

We will take care of the greatest number of tasks that are necessary for the implementation of the investment plan. We will provide all the necessary expertise and background information regarding different permissions (zoning, building permits or occupation permit).

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Building construction

We are engaged in the construction of standard houses, apartment buildings, industrial sites, all large-scale objects and multi-functional buildings in the line with applicable standards and safety requirements.

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Lineside structures

We are dedicated to creating complete infrastructures, access roads, management of electronic communication networks, but also the construction of dykes.

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We provide research and creating the building site, excavation work and adjustments to the terrain, construction of retaining walls, slope fixation and ground water capture solutions.

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Residential houses in Malá Ida “Domy v Malej Ide”

This project consisted of 16 family houses complete construction with infrastructure-access roads, trails, public lighting and electric heating.

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Apartment building at the City swimming pool “Byty pri plavárni”

Construction of a modern apartment building with two underground floors for parkingand 5 aboveground floors began in June 2014.

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Pereš Park

The three-storey polyfunctional building in a commercial area provides the space for the local municipality and medical clinics. Complete infrastructure, connection to the utility grid and most modern ventilated façade.

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